Downolad links

There is now a download link at the end of every issue. I was going back on forth on whether to include them or not, but I finally decided that spreading the issues in this form might be a good way to promote them.

So if you want to help us out, here's a brand new way to do it: If you know some site where comics and other files are being shared, why not share the Duck Avenger comics?

I've included an info page in the download, so people can find back to this site. The page also includes some info on how to help us out:

Here are all the links so far:
Issue #0
Issue #0/2
Issue #1

When it comes to spreading the love for the PKNA series, an official translation is probably the one way that will be able to reach the most people.
Therefore, I'd also like to encourage you to contact Disney and tell them that you want to see an official translation of Paperinik New Adventures. Here are a couple of useful links:

The official site of Disney in America:
The official help desk of Disney UK:

But the most direct and effective way to reach the people we want to reach is probably through old-fashioned snail mail. Here's Disney's postal address:

The Walt Disney Company
Attn: Disney Publishing - New Media
500 South Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521

(I'll find a better place to put the contact information later. This'll do nicely for now.)