PKNA issue 0/2 - The Winds of Time p. 51-60


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Soon, the dance begins!

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Seeing as this was the last of the previously translated comics, this will be the last Wednesday update for a while. We now return to our good old 'Mondays and Fridays' update schedule.

From now on, the goal will be to have one complete issue uploaded every four weeks. (Still divided into bite-sized chunks, of course.)

Next issue up is PKNA 0/3, 'Xadhoom'. The first pages will go up soon, but because of how fast the two latest issues have been uploaded, there's a certain risk that we won't have the new issue ready in time.

Hopefully we'll get the last details sorted quickly, but otherwise, we MAY have to skip this Friday's update. Of course, even if that happens, we'll still be coming back strong on Monday with the new issue.

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