I'm Drowning!

Not literally of course - if i was, there would be no way i could get word to you guys via the interweb from underwater.

What i mean is i'm drowning in a sea of washing and its kind of annoying me ( although i can still make time to blog about it... ). Its annoying me because its there, and its annoying me because its making my house look untidy and i want to fold it and put it away.... but its like i cant. I keep looking at it and its frusturating me because i sooooooooo wanna be this SuperHousewife and i'm so motivated to do it - until it actually comes time to fold the damn clothes and then i'm all like " Flynn needs me " or " I need a nap " or " Hey, those cookies are calling my name ". I mean, its so bad - i'm all caught up with washing the clothes so its not like i have a mountain of dirty stuff lying around, its just that the overflowing baskets ( two and bit... ) of clean stuff is making a total brothel of my house. Seriously, when i get off this computer ( Lori, i have a problem.... ) i'm diving straight into the washing.

In other news, this time of the TMI variety - my son is still, ahem, " backed up ". Its been 16 days since he went naturally, without any " prompting " by a doctor, and the worry is starting to do my head in. Sometime he's in real pain and screams for 30 to 40 minutes at a time, and thats kind of stressful. We've tried: plain water, prune juice, pureed fruit, a teaspoon of paraffin oil, massage, warm baths and now we're on a steady diet of carrot/apple juice along with booby milks. And ...nothing. Not even a skiddy. Anyone got any other suggestions?

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