" It's In Fashion " Is NOT An Excuse

Oh yea, i'm up on my fashion soapbox again. Lets face it - i'm no style icon - but i know what i like and i know what is not flattering. Which is, unfortunately, not the case with everybody else. Some people know what they like but what they like is bleh; some people think that just because something is in fashion means they should wear it, regardless of what it actually looks like on them; and some people have no clue, dont want one, and wear whatever they feel like, regardless of current fashions and/or flattering-ness ( which isnt a word, but who cares ? ).

I'm all for individuality, so if you're one of these totally awesome people that can shop at flea markets and op-shops and throw together the most gorgeous, vintage, rocking ensemble without the slightest hint of effort, than good for you. What i'm not for is slavery to fashion, and heinous crimes against said fashion - you shouldnt pander at the fashion alter, but nor should you ignore it so much that what you pass as an " outfit " could burn someone elses retinas. I'm also " anti " some apparently fashionable things, or fashion trends. My biggest bug bare? Leggings.

I've said it once, i'll say it again, as loud as the blog medium will let me: LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS. Leggings ( or tights, whichever you prefer ) are not acceptable as an alternative to pants. They are not interchangeable. I'm ok with wearing leggings are under skirts and dresses - hell, i'm even alright with leggings under shorts ( although its not entirely flattering ) - but what i am not ok with is leggings, on their ownsome, worn as one would wear a pair of pants. Witness:
You will  notice that these are leggings - NOT pants. I can see every contour of this girls body - hell, she's naked enough to be able to rest the support pole between her butt cheeks. Pants would contain hardy fabric which would make this little disappearing trick a little, well, trickier. Also - notice that poor old Pop there does not know where to look. Probably because if he looks down he will not only be able to count the individual dimples on this girls thighs, but he'll also be able to tell how good a job her waxer does. Seriously, a little mystery would be so much more attractive. AS WOULD SOME PANTS!!

My other pet fashion hate the moment ? Boys in tight jeans. Tight jeans are awesome for legendary 80's rockstars ( see, please Bon Jovi, Jon and Micheals, Brett ). They are not so awesome for every pimply, teenage skate rat i see skulking around the mall. Especially when  the tight pants are accompanied by a visible underwear waistband. I dont wanna know what brand of underwear your mum buys you, and i dont want to get the  hint of your adolscent plumbers cleavage. I feel like a grandma but.... for God's sake, pull your bloody pants up!

Ok, rant over. I just had to get that off my chest before i go through my wardrobe and figure what still fits my post-pregnancy body ( baby boobs are an issue... ) and therefore prepare myself for what fashions may confront me at Tar-jay and Big W ( oh yea, unpaid maternity leave is also a wardrobe issue ... ).