We're off

Welcome to the site. This is a rather ambitious translation project, which will hopefully one day be a complete chronological translation of the Italian series Paperinik New Adventures, starting with issue #1.

It should be mentioned that even before issue #1, there was a 3-part miniseries which introduced many important elements of the series. However, seeing as these were never released in my country (Denmark) I will be skipping them.

The very first issue HAS been translated though, by another fan, and can be found at: http://immaginario.net/pikappa/index/traduzioni/ (The issue numbered 0)

That issue sets the stage for things to come, but as the series was still finding its legs at this point, you shouldn’t judge the whole series based on the first issue. I tend to think of #1 – Shadows on Venus as the point where it really got good.

Which is where we start, so it all works out.

Hope you enjoy.

- Birch