O.M.G - Brangelina Are Breaking Up!

I know - how shocking? If i werent already happily attached this may have given me the perfect chance to get together with Brad and we could raise a rainbow family of our own ( but only if he shaves off that hideous beard - he looks like a lumberjack ).

Now that i have that very important news out of the way - the rest of my birthday turned out very well. I had a couple of spare hours up my sleeve alone with Flynn before Mr Gil got home and my family turned up, so we watched " Rent " on DVD. Despite the fact that some critics said the movie version is not all that good, " Rent " is my favourite musical and i really like the film. I threw it on and sung all the songs to Flynn ( in between feeds ) and danced him around the loungeroom when he got a little grizzly. So what if the musical subject matter includes such baby friendly topics as AIDS and drug addiction ? Its essentially a story about love and besides that singing to your child ( whether its nursery ryhmes or Top 40 stuff ) is engaging for them. I loved it!

I got quite a few nice presents ( DVD's , a book, a new wallet and some chocolates included... ) and my birthday dinner was fantastic. Mr Gil ended up making me butter chicken and it was just the right mix of saucy and spicy and yum... so yum that i ended up eating the leftovers for my lunch the next day. So i'm officially 26 now. One of my loyal readers ( you know, of the 3 of you... ) asked if i felt any older - i'm going to go with yes, but no.

How do i get yes, but no? Well i do feel older but i dont think it has all that much to do with having a birthday, and i dont necessarily think its older but rather i feel more mature. I think this whole " I actually feel like a proper grown up now " feeling has rather less to do with hitting age that is closer to 30 than it is to 20 and more to do with becoming a mother. You know - i'm partnered up, i have a small, wrinkly, but entirely gorgeous small person who relies on me for everything, i have a mortgage and a car loan and when my annual leave pay runs out we'll only have one income and few government benefits to live off until i go back to work. I mean, those are grown up concerns right?

If they dont qualify me as being almost entirely adult now, i shudder to think what you have to do to join the club.....