A Sad State of Underwears

No, i'm not talking about me - although lately all i get to wear is nursing bras and cute stretch cotton knickers ( shut up! They're comfy.... ). Nope, i'm talking about what i assume is the universal sad state of mens underwear.

What is up with men keeping their underwear until its literally falling apart? I've folded quite a few baskets of washing lately and i've come across at least 3 pairs of Mr Gil undies that are in dire need of throwing out. You know the ones : i like to call them the " Hole-y Undies ". Not because they're similar to the particular y-fronts that Jesus favoured back in the day, but because they're full of holes. And not jus the holes for your legs to go into, no - i'm talking about extra holes in the crotch, or in the behind, or the side seam coming apart. I dont know how you boys can wear them, what with the risk of inappropriate bits and peices falling out; and if your junk coming "untrunked" is not the issue, then why arent you just going commando?

And i know its not just Mr Gil. When i was a teenager and made to fold the households washing as my share of the chores, my dad and my brother did the same thing - insisted on wearing underwear that was just barely holding together until the point that some kindly woman in their lives ( wife, mother, sister, whoever it may be ) decided to throw them away. I mean the typical woman gets a even the whiff of a seam coming apart and her knickers are straight in the garbage. But a dude? He insists that the holes mean the undies are only just being " worn in " and thats the way they are most comfortable.

Or at least the men that i've washed for do. Please tell me its not jusy them....