Ryoriya Sangokushi

Taiwan Japanese food? Other than the Japanese sounding (mouthful of a) name, and the few beer/sake options on the menu, I’d say the food here is more “Taiwanese”.

Expensive too. The bill came up to $192 for the 4 of us and this was what we ordered:

- century egg tofu
- jelly fish
- some cold sliced pork with cucumber
- claypot “san bei” chicken
- egg fried with prawns
- fried brinjal
- a small bowl of plain noodles
- 2 bowls of rice
- 2 small bottles of Taiwan beer
- 1 small bottle of sake ($22)

I liked the century egg tofu and egg fried with prawns best. But then, it’s hard to go wrong with homely fare like these. The rest of the food were not too memorable and portions (despite my pics) were kinda small.

The food isn't too bad, but for the amount we paid, I doubt we will be back. Darn, should have followed instincts and gone to Bella Pizza.