More Friday Flip Offs

Welcome again to Friday Flip Offs, as envisioned by Gigi at KludgyMom. Join me as i get my weekly frusturations off my chest!

To whatever demons plague my son - i dont know whether its more teeth, or his eczema, his snuffly nose or what the hell is going on, but if his sleeping doesnt return to something resembling normal soon i may just go bonkers. I'm tired and i'm tired off having to fight him to sleep three or four times a day. My back aches, my ribs ache from holding him and rocking him and sleeping with an arm tossed over him, and i may just develop RSI in my wrist from all the patting thats been going on. So, to whatever it is that has taken him from sleeping through the night from 8 weeks old to now FLIP OFF!

To the Big W Toy Sale - i went through your catalogue, i chose the toys that would make the best presents for my son and neices and nephews....and then when i get to the store you only have 1 out of 8 in stock. Very. Freaking. Disappointing. I changed a few decisions but had my heart set on others, so i've put on a small layby with you and will now have to wait for the Target toy sale for the rest. For not having enough of sale items in stock you get a royal FLIP OFF!

To my el-cheapo Ugg boots - no, you are not the real Ugg branded thing, but you have seen me through some cold times. I really did love you once but now you are literally falling apart. If i scuff around the house in you much longer your soles will just completely fall off and i'll be left with my lower legs encased in fluffy warmth but with the bottom of my feet exposed. Its with a fond farewell and more than a bit of sadness i'm going to have to say FLIP OFF!