Friday Flip Offs Time

Hola dear readers and welcome to this weeks addition of Friday Flip Offs, brought to you by the great mind of Gigi over at Kludgy Mom. Not much to deal with this week, but here we go:

To people who show up late - and then slightly over-stay their welcome. I had plans to do other things tonight, things that i was looking forward to, but because you gave late notice of your impending arrival, and then managed to be an hour later than you said you were going to be, and then decided to stay for over an hour when your were only dropping something off - well it means i've had to miss out on something, put my baby to bed late and have only just had my dinner. Next time, try being on time or FLIP OFF!

To small children who dont understand " no " -  or " ssh, Amy is trying to get the baby to sleep " or " no, you cant sleepover tonight ". I still love you guys but you grate on my nerves just a teensy bit. My small duplex is not the same as your house out in the sticks, and i'd appreciate it if you used your indoor voices and didnt belt through my loungeroom as if it were the same as your backyard. If you cant do as i, or your parents, or anyone else asks you'll just have to FLIP OFF!

To my shoulder - i must have slept on you funny because you have been bugging me all day. Your all tender and tight and pinchy and it hurts when i throw my head back to chug the last of my Pepsi Max. That, my friend, is a problem. Promptly fix yourself during tonights sleep or FLIP OFF!

To the weather - could you please decide what it is that you are doing ? Or better yet, could you just hurry up and be spring already? We had a glimpse of spring weather the first two days of the week, and Flynny really enjoyed playing outside in his walker, and then you had to go and get all cold and yucky again. Kindly warm yourself up, bring out the sun and take back your morning frosts or FLIP OFF!