Dear unknown accomplices...

Depending on whether or not you've been watching the comment section of the first post, you may know that somebody has translated two of the very first issues of PKNA - 0/1 'Evrons' and 0/2 'The Winds of Time'.

Only problem is, I have no way of contacting this guy, though I would very much like to speak with him, about how best to handle this project. So if you're out there, Mysterious Translator, please e-mail me at .

Also, I once discussed this project on 4chan's Comics and Cartoons board, and one of the posters suggested that he would translate the 0/3th issue, 'Xadhoom'. In the interest of not having two guys translate the same issue, (as Mysterious Translator has stated that he would do the same) it would be great if you could contact me too, Enigmatic Comrade.

Or the short version: Will the guy who translated the first two issues, and the guy who said on /co/ that he would translate the third, please contact me on ?