A Recap, Valentines Style

So i promised that i would make a quick recap post of what happened on my Valentines Day. To be quite honest, there isnt anything overly exciting to recap - thats not to say that i didnt enjoy the day, only that there was nothing incredibly adventurous or parade-worthy to make note of.

Mick and I exchanged gifts at 6am when Flynn woke for a feed. I had bought him a dog tag style pendant to go on a chain he already owns, and had it engraved - " With Love, Amy. 14.02.10 ". I know, i'm too sweet. What did Mick get me ?

This gorgeous little charm to go on the Pandora bracelet that he had bought for my birthday. Pretty, right ? And what was also lovely was that he told me it wasnt a charm - he was giving me a piece of his heart. Awwwwww.....

I made pancakes with banana and honey for breakfast; we took turns reading the Sunday papers while i fed the baby; we just lolled around the house and took it easy until mid afternoon, when it came time for me to start gettng ready for dinner. I specify " me " because i had to spread the whole " getting ready " thing out over an hour or two: i had to shower, shave my legs,blow dry and straighten my hair and do my makeup. Which is not too bad except that i had to have a half hour break somewhere in there to breastfeed Flynn, before he got too cranky at Daddy for not having any boobies. But i got prettified ( unfortunately we werent clever enough to take any photos ) and i must say it felt great to get all dolled up again without having to contend with a huge belly.

We dropped Flynn off at my parents place and Mick and I had a nice dinner at a semi-fancy resturant. I got the chicken, stuffed with cheese and bacon, wrapped in filo pastry; he had the nutcrusted barramundi; and we both indulged in dessert. We werent out long - Mick, especially, missed his " little mate " - but it was nice to have an hour and half to be a couple again, not just " parents ".

I know its kind of late, but i hope the rest of you had a great Valentines Day, whether you were coupled up for the day or not!