Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man.

Alright, let’s do this proper like:

PKNA #31 Bonus story: I am Xadhoom - Flat line

This is a good one. Huge props to Aspargus32.

Banker also brought a little something: The entire frickin' Xadhoom trilogy.

PKNA#35 - Stowaway on Board

PKNA#36 - Far, Far Away

PKNA#37 - Under a New Sun

I'm getting chills guys. But wait, Disney has also brought us some goodies:

If you're Greek, check this out:

Oh yes, PKNA is coming to Greece as Οι Νέεες Περιπέτειες του Φάντομ Ντακ. I don't know a lot of details about this one - websites about it tend to be in Greek. But if you're Greek too, go check it out!

Oh, and if you're Danish like me:

Yes! Check out this bad boy:

A hardcover collection of the first four issues of PKNA - meaning three issues that have NEVER been released in Denmark, as well as Stålanden #1 "Skygger på Venus".

God, I want this thing!


Oh, and there's more: This week's edition of Anders And & Co. also brings the first issue of Stålanden Reloaded, meaning that a new generation of kids who CAN'T afford the hardcover version will get to enjoy it too. Next week's issue will bring another issue. So check those out too. And let's see if we can convince them to keep going.

Personally I'll probably end up buying both these and the hardcover. Man, this is fun.

That's it. Alright guys, Disney is making a move with spreading PKNA throughout the world. Let's show our appreciation and make it worth their while!