Friday Flip Offs Time

Hello there readers and hello Friday! Time again to release this weeks annoyances into the cyber world and off of my chest ( thanks to Gigi over at KludgyMom ).

To international shipping - you suck. I had the brilliant idea that i could get myself some great summer clothes from the Gap and Old Navy while they were on sale ( you know, seeing as the northern hemisphere is coming into colder weather just in time for me to get my summer clothes ) and due to our awesome echange rate it would be cheaper than buying full price clothes here in Australia. And it was - until we factored in shipping. I had $80 worth of clothes in my basket - a bit for me, a bit for Flynny - and then bam! $64 shipping?! That international shipping flushed my whole idea down the toilet so now i cant have that cute pique polo shirt dress i had my eye on. Screw you international shipping charges. Either get cheaper or FLIP OFF!

To the person who delivers the catalogues in my neighbourhood - or, i should say, the person who USED to deliver the catalogues. I'm one of these people who actually likes getting junk mail and i havent received any for the last 2 weeks. I didnt get the BigW baby sale catalogue that i knew should have been coming and i got nothing this week either. How am i supposed to flip through those flimsy pages and dream about what i would buy if i had the money if you arent going to get those flimsy pages to me. What am i going to have to do - go online? Umm no .... i want my tangible, hold-in-your-hands, mark-the-pages type of catalogue. So get yourself together, get those catalogues folded and into my mailbox or FLIP OFF!

To the sore throat that has developed out of nowhere overnight - get.lost. Seriously, a sore throat is never just a sore throat, it always develops into something else and seeing as i'm breastfeeding and the pharmacists wont let me take any cold/flu medication, i do not need the " something else " you'll develop into. You following me? I don't need you, i don't need the cold and/or flu you will inevitably become and i most certainly don't need you passing yourself onto my fiance or my son. Especially my son - babies with sore throats do not make for good sleep. So take your itchy, scratchy, yucky tasting self and FLIP OFF!